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Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Welcome

Casey Mackey

Owner & Psychic Medium

Hey! Welcome to my website!! This is a place where you can get to know a little bit about us. So let's dive in! 

Besides being a psychic medium im also a mummy to my little boy Oscar, crazy cat Ali and wild child puppy Nelly. I live in Colchester with my babies and husband Danny. Im known as the 'Crazy' one which I actually find a compliment. Im the real life Phoebe from friends. I love to chat away and meet new people, I believe you learn a lot from others, and you learn a lot when you listen. I love deep conversations by the fire, woodland walks and one day hope to have a cottage in the woods with enough space to adopt elderly animals, to give them a cosy home before they join the spirit world, my own little hospice for our fury friends. Im a proud Leo and wear that crown with pride! I love the colours Yellow and Orange (typical Leo 😂) and don't need much of an excuse to go out for a drink with my loves. Before I decided to make this my full time job, I used to work in nightclubs and pubs. I was always one that never really found my calling until I started holding readings for fun. fast forward 12 years and I now do this full time alongside teaching privately and teaching at The College of Psychic Studies in London. I feel so incredibly lucky and great full to have the opportunity to now work for myself, so I can be with my beautiful son and work with the world of spirit! Its most defently a vibe when you know what it is you are supposed to be doing with yourself. I went from pouring the spirits to talking to them 😂 and I love that!  I look forward to connecting with you on your journey called life.

love and kisses, 

Casey Xx

Meet the Team: About Me

Shannon Mackey

PA & Administrtian 

My name is Shannon, and I’m Caseys younger sister. I currently work for Casey heading up her administration team, organising all her bookings, events and sometimes social media. Which is where I have got to meet all you beautiful souls! I have been working for Casey since early 2022 as we could start to see there was a demand for an extra pair of hands to make sure we was fulfilling everyones needs and expectations, but this is not where I have started to see Casey grow, nor has it been my first introduction into the spirit world. Just like Casey I have been raised with a knowing about life on the other side since a small child and I am very spiritual myself, training with Casey and our best friend in our very first spirit circle, but I just never quite explored doing readings as in my early 20s I decided to spread my wings into my banking career which I still do currently alongside this now, however bringing my angels and guides with me wherever I go! This helps me answer all your questions and queries as this has been something that like Casey, has been in my bones since a young child! When I’m not working with either the spirit world or having my head in a book of numbers, I do love to have a cheeky gin or two with the girls as we all have to let our hair down every once in a while. An interesting fact about myself is that I have a very beautiful fluffy earth angel on four legs called Penny who I truly believe is a life guide for me in this world. Im also a Leo just like Casey and have a very impressive (some would say over the top) selection of perfumes and lipsticks… what can I say they are my guilty pleasures! ;)

I look forward to speaking and connecting with you all soon. 

Love and Light, 

Shannon xx

Meet the Team: About Me
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