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Our One to One Services

Browse our readers to see who you feel drawn too for some guidance, clarity and connection. 

All our readers have been trained and developed to a high standard, ensuring your wellbeing is at the forefront of any sitting. All our readers follow and comply with our code of conduct and ethics which you can find below. 

We look forward to connecting with you in your sittings. If you would like to know a little bit about each of our readers, you can do so by clicking the "Meet" Button attached. 

See you when the time allows. Love Casey & The Team. 

Upcoming Events

  • The Intuitive
    The Intuitive
    Thu, 25 Jul
    25 Jul 2024, 20:00 – 21:00 BST
    25 Jul 2024, 20:00 – 21:00 BST
    Learn about your Intuition and how to develop your own communication with your inner voice.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

Please see below the Code of Conduct and Ethics of Psychic Medium Casey Mackey. All team members and clients will need to adhere to these conditions. The points outlined below are to help keep all persons safe when practising. Please note the areas covered below are for sittings and any developmental courses, training, or workshops. ​

Please note - when booking your session with your chosen reader/tutor you will be automatically agreeing to our code of conduct policy. 

Code of Conduct:


1.1 During a sitting with the client, the appointed reader is not obligated to answer any questions surrounding the topics of; Health, Legal matters, Monetary matters, predictions, pregnancies, death and/or love life issues. 


1.2 The appointed reader will have the right to terminate any booked reading, at any stage of the appointment shall they feel uncomfortable and unsettled for themselves or their client. Shall this arise the reader does not need to refund the sitting; this will be down to the readers discretion. 


1.3 Rude or aggressive behaviour will not be accepted or tolerated. Shall a reader experience this, the reader will have the right to terminate/cancel the sitting with NO refund given. 


1.4 Shall the appointed reader feel that the client’s wellbeing is not suited for a reading and/or feel the client is best directed to an alternative means of help such as a doctor or qualified therapist, the reader will have the right to terminate the sitting and advice of this. Refunds will be given UNDER the readers discretion. 


1.5 Upon booking a session, the client is aware that readers are not qualified therapists. 


1.6 Guidance is a tool allowed to be given in the sitting. The client is aware that this is not a predication and that they have every sense of control and free will to move as they wish after their sitting. 


1.7 The appointed reader will keep their sittings confidential unless they feel worried for their client’s safety and or mental health. Shall this issue arise the reader will have access to share the sitting details and their concerns with CEO and owner, Casey Mackey where Casey will ensure the sensitive issue is dealt with one to one with the client concerned. 


1.8 Any video or audio recordings are to be asked from both client and reader before actioned. Recordings and audio will be kept confidential unless the code of conduct 1.7 arises. 


1.9 Sittings are to be held with the appointed reader and client booked ONLY. Any audience that wishes to watch can be asked to leave the room whilst the sitting commences. 


1.10 Shall the appointed reader struggle to make a connection with the client booked via Zoom, the reader will wait no longer then 10 minutes before cancelling the session. Refund will be under the readers discretion. 


1.11 Shall the appointed reader be unable to connect to their client in a reading format, such as connecting the client to their loved ones in spirit or gain guidance for the client, the reader will have the power to terminate the sitting with a full refund made to the client.


1.12 Any studies taken under PMCM (Psychic Medium Casey Mackey) is for mind, body, and spiritual development ONLY. Any course tutor will have the right to terminate any studies and advise of other means of help such as a doctor or qualified therapist shall the tutor feel this is the best course of action for the student.


1.13 Readers will allow for space in the sittings for clients to calm and comfort themselves whenever a sensitive issue has been brought up in the sitting.


1.14 Any bookings made for a one to one sitting within LESS then 6 months of one another will allow the reader and CEO power to either cancel and refund the sitting OR move the sitting to another time slot that falls into our 2.3 ethical standpoint of no sittings to be booked within 6 months of each other.  


1.15 All clients must be 18+ any client wishing to book under this age MUST be accompanied by an adult/guardian during the sitting. 


1.16 The named booking must match the client attending the sitting UNLESS the appointed reader has been notified otherwise. This may reflect in such cases as a gift voucher or online purchase for a loved one. Shall the client wish to book a sitting in their details for ANOTHER individual, the client must inform the appointed reader and Casey Mackey before the sitting commences. Shall this not happen, the reader will have the right to terminate the sitting with NO refund given. 



At Psychic Medium Casey Mackey it is our duty to ensure that all clients feel mentally safe, secure, and comforted by the services given. Therefore, these are the ethics we will be following during our practice. 


2.1 PMCM(Psychic Medium Casey Mackey) ensure that any readers and tutors who work within this remit of the company are trained to a high standard of delivering sensitive messages and mindfulness of the client and themselves. Our readers & tutors will be providing a service which will leave the client feeling connected and grounded with their loved ones and self. 


2.2 Ethically at PMCM we pay attention to our clients’ emotional needs, meaning if we feel that a qualified therapist is best suited for our client at that precise time, we will encourage our client to source this before moving forwards with any readings they have booked.


2.3 At PMCM we advise for sittings to be at LEAST 6 months apart from their previous booked sitting. 


2.4 Shall a client feel that their appointed reader was rude or unprofessional then the client will be able to make a formal complaint to where the issue will be investigated and a follow up will be given by the CEO Casey Mackey herself. 


2.5PMCM encourages all readers and tutors to continually develop their skillset, gifts, and therapy studies so our clients can receive a balanced yet ethical standard of practice.

We look forward to seeing you in your appointments and sessions. 

Reviews from Clients

Your testimonals mean the world to us here. See the glowing reviews from source for all team members here at Psychic Medium Casey Mackey.  

I had a reading with Emma that was so magical. Loved ones came through with beautiful messages and important information that validated them. It was the most incredible reading with psychic message around my career too, I’m so grateful for Emma. I’ll definitely be booking again and sharing with everyone I know!

Becky, Nov 2023.

Firstly, we had such a warm welcome when we arrived! Toni, amazed us in the first five minutes of sitting down as she pretty much new why we was there. She helped myself and my family in such a beautiful way and we are now ready to go forward with positivity in the choices we make. Thank you so much and look forward to returning in the future! 😇

Joadey, Nov 2023

Thank you Casey for such a lovely reading yesterday you truly have a  special gift and I was so impressed with the information you gave me. A really kind and warm lady to. Highly recommend anyone to have reading with Casey x

Lisa, October 2023

I had a wonderful reading with Casey last week. She is so gifted and warm and and compassionate. She creates a loving, safe space for a sitting, where one's loved ones are able to come in and easily convey messages. It was a lovely surprise, my aunt coming through - Casey's communication with her to me was fabulous. Helpful, healing message too. So very grateful to have had this sitting! THANK YOU CASEY for opening your gifts to the world.​

Susanne, December 2023.

Join the ranks of satisfied Psychic Medium Casey Mackey clients.


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How often should I go for a reading?

Ideally every 12 months but no less then 6 months. This is to ensure that any messages or guidance that came through in your previous reading has had time to manifest. An annual reading is perfect to touch base and obtain any messages from those in the spirit world.

Can anyone join a development circle, workshop or course?

Yes! if you are ready then so are spirit. If you have never attended any classes and are starting from scratch then beginners level is best. A course that will take you straight back to basics. This will ensure that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need as well as being able to hold and conduct readings safely for you and others.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

A catch up between you and your loved ones. I bring forward your loved ones from the spirit world through validation and messages. They will hand over any guidance you may need to know for now at this present time to help you move forwards. All readings include a card reading too. Cards are used as a tool to ensure all messages have been delivered. Readings are a sacred place to feel the healing and love connections of those in spirit.

can I communicate with my loved ones on my own?

Absolutely and please do! You don't need a psychic medium in order for your loved ones to hear you. They hear you! communicate with them like you once did when they were living. Your loved ones may seem far away, but they are a lot closer than you may think. Keep talking and watch for those wonderful signs from your loved ones.

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