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Thank you so much for reading for us last night, it was such an amazing experience. It was Craigs first time too, and we couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards! It was so special and lots to take on board.


Thank you for sending the notes and cards across also. We will have a read through these 🥰 


Have a lovely week and take care of yourself. 

June 2022


Thank you for my reading, you delivered it with such kindness and love. You made me feel at ease and so comfortable with you. Thank you again and i have already passed your details on to a few people. 😊

May 2023


Casey is spot on and connects with my beloved ones on the other side. Everything aligns, and I am deeply grateful for Casey for opening up this world to me

May 2023


I am overwelmed! Just loved it. It was Nice to hear from my mother, and from my late husband. Made me speakless. I nede to let it sink down.

June 2023


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Casey and the team love to hear of your experience with them, whether that be a one to one sitting, workshops, courses, coaching or events. We look forward to your feedback, as this helps Casey and her team to grow.

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Psychic Stones

Modern Day Medium

and everything in-between.

I have never known life without spirit, however that doesn't mean its always been an easy road. My spiritual journey was at times difficult for me, especially in my teens. I felt I didn't fit in, anywhere! I felt misunderstood at times and often conflicted with the world around me. it wasn't until my spiritual journey took me from a very dark place and then threw me into a realm of self development, self love and most importantly knowing that everything happens for a divine reason, even if it doesn't feel like it! I joined my first ever spiritual development circle at the age of 18, six months later I was holding readings at psychic fares and friends houses. I was looking to build experience and practice, although feeling extremely nervous whilst doing it. 

fast forward 11 years and I now run a spiritual business which allows me to hold private sittings, teach courses, workshops, events and circles at the College of Psychic Studies in London, UK as well as privately whilst working along side some amazing people within the industry. I count my lucky stars each day! I look back on my confused teenage self who was about to encounter a drastic change in her life and now see the chapters she couldn't. hind sight eh! 

My passion in all the madness that some may see is fundamentally connecting people with their loved ones who have transitioned into the spiritual realm. Bereavement, grieve and loss can bring forward so many emotions, some many can't understand. Connecting loved ones when the time is right is something I feel really passionate about. Validation is paramount when connecting loved ones together. Carrying the title, a Psychic Medium should be seen with huge amounts of responsibilities and care.

I am a mama to my gorgeous and very lively son Oscar and wifey to my soulmate Danny. Im from Croydon originally but my soul belongs in the forest or by the seaside, which I have been lucky enough to experience. 

I live each day as it comes and try not to "flap" about the things I can't control. I love the moon, a glass of wine and a good chit chat. Being a medium in the modern world has been a blessing. I hope for my son that the world continues to be open minded and search for things the naked eye cannot see.

I look forward to meeting you, connecting with you and learning from you all too. 

Welcome to my spiritual home X

"Goodbyes simply mean, ill see you again when I shall come to collect you and bring you home"

Casey Mackey


How often should I go for a reading?

Ideally every 12 months but no less then 6 months. This is to ensure that any messages or guidance that came through in your previous reading has had time to manifest. An annual reading is perfect to touch base and obtain any messages from those in the spirit world.

Can anyone join a development circle, workshop or course?

Yes! if you are ready then so are spirit. If you have never attended any classes and are starting from scratch then beginners level is best. A course that will take you straight back to basics. This will ensure that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need as well as being able to hold and conduct readings safely for you and others.

What can I expect my reading to be like?

A catch up between you and your loved ones. I bring forward your loved ones from the spirit world through validation and messages. They will hand over any guidance you may need to know for now at this present time to help you move forwards. All readings include a card reading too. Cards are used as a tool to ensure all messages have been delivered. Readings are a sacred place to feel the healing and love connections of those in spirit.

can I communicate with my loved ones on my own?

Absolutely and please do! You don't need a psychic medium in order for your loved ones to hear you. They hear you! communicate with them like you once did when they were living. Your loved ones may seem far away, but they are a lot closer than you may think. Keep talking and watch for those wonderful signs from your loved ones.

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