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Wed, 15 Nov



Psychic mediumship for Psychic Mediums.

This Nine week course is here to help strengthen your already amazing gift by giving you insight and practice on holding a safe space for both you and your client as well as showing up as a true evidential medium with some healthy top tips on growing your business too!

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Psychic mediumship for Psychic Mediums.
Psychic mediumship for Psychic Mediums.

Time & Location

15 Nov 2023, 19:00 – 21:00 GMT


About the event

Are you a reader who feels they need a little more development and structure? Maybe you need some coaching to help strengthen your gift, build confidence and create a safe and purposful business foundation? In this nine-week course I will take you through the key fundamentals you need to become the best reader you can be, not only for you but for your clients too!

This course has been designed for those who are readers or have been reading in the past. This course IS NOT designed for those who are still in the early stages of development. For your own safety and peace of mind please only join IF you have experience in holding readings and wish to develop your craft further.


Week one:

Topics covered:

·  Refresh of the basics – Lets go back in time to where it all started! A quick trip down memory lane where we will explore the foundations of energy, protection, grounding & chakras.

·  Knowing your gift – Attune yourself before giving to others! Establish the bond and connection you have with your gift by coming back into the fold to build your confidence and find out how you TRULY connect and work with spirit.

·  Engaging with energy once again – Reading other energies in many different formats to build the connection with your intuition, aura, and connection!

Week two:

Topics covered:

·  Creating a strong formatted reading structure – Get to grips with a structure that you, spirit and your client will benefit from!

·  Languages – Delve into the complicated world of languages with spirit and utilise the practice given to sharpen your linguistic book.

·  Evidential mediumship – We disuses and learn the importance and art of this part of the reading! With plenty of practice you will build your structure to bring forward strong validating messages that will connect your clients to their loved ones via validation alone.

Week three:

Topics covered:

·  Getting close and creative with your cards – Lean into the magic and art of which is your oracle deck! We establish their role in a reading (if chosen to be used) and how they can benefit and ease you and your client.

·  Guidance in all its glory – Using guidance in the correct way for the client, we tap into this part of our gift to build connection, confidence, and insight.

·  One to One reading – The appointment that can shed fear amongst all! I will teach you how to create your own personalised space and how to utilise this time with your client in a beneficial way. The key here is rapport, connection, and safety!

Week Four:

Topics covered:

·  Ethics – Vital piece of information and training to help you establish yours and the importance of that sitting. I will coach on the diversity of these ethics with you and your business in mind.

·  The Client – Focussing on the client and their wellbeing is vital to a safe and productive reading; we will be looking into energy readings and wellbeing as we explore the CLIENT and future clients you may read for.

Week Five:

Topics covered:

·  Guides and Gatekeepers, coming together as a team – We begin to establish the connection and role you have with your team, building a working contract to ensure that everyone is safe and the reading flows in the direction it is needing too.

·  Managing the beloved blocks – No one escapes them, but it’s how you manage them! I will teach you how to understand, get to know and heal the blocks we all dread to face.

Week Six:

Topics covered:

·  Boundaries and wellbeing – Safety all round is the number one priority to ensure everyone involved is happy and understanding. I will go through the key fundamentals you will need to think about to enhance your protection and the protection of others. Think, creating your own laws!

·  Self-reading and reading for those you know – This one will never leave us. It’s important to know how to read for those who are close (if you choose to do so) i will run over some pros and cons of this matter to give balance to this topic.

Week Seven:

Topics covered:

·  The student becomes the teacher – Shall you wish to go down the route of coaching/teaching your gift and knowledge its important to formulate and use structure. Insight, intuition, and clarity will be the focus of this topic.

·  The higher version of you – It’s important that you stop to smell the roses and check in with yourself. We will be leaning into our higher selves so we can ensure we are working well and working towards what it is we are wanting to give, teach and manifest.

·  No fun without the goo – becoming aware of your shadow parts is essential if you are wanting to hold a neutral stance in your readings. We cover this topic gently so you can become a little aware of your own space when a certain topic in a reading could surface.

Week Eight

Topics covered:

·  Self-Cleansing – Energy workers need to be reminded that we can carry the emotions of others. It can be a demanding space holding a sitting. I will show you ways to help you navigate this by holding space for your own self-cleaning energy rituals.

·  Manifestations and creative work – This is a topic you will be asked A LOT about from clients, knowing and understanding how we READ this chapter in a sitting will help to divide the wants from the needs (from an energy perspective) and allow your client to see manifestation in a healthy way.

Week Nine:

Topics covered:

·  The business - I will hold some coaching on the dynamics of a spiritual business and the pit falls you may come across when starting up or navigating through!

·  Building loyal clientele – This is not done in a way social media makes you think. We lead with a big warm heart, strong ethics, and good solid readings! I will share insights into how to create this space for yourself with an ever growing book of clients for you to help!

·  Trusting the process – I will explore with you the highs and lows YOU have experienced and answer any questions you may have when it comes to running, starting, or growing your spiritual business.

This Nine week course will be taking place via Zoom. The classes will not be recoreded due to data protction as well as Casey wanting her students to feel confident in the space they are in so they can ask any questions they wish to throughout the course. Any missed classes will be subject to the individual student and no refunds will be offered, however Casey will allow time with the student to catch up what they have missed. 

This course is indpendent note taking only. There is no set matrial that will be sent out other then a beginners PDF document to help you with refreshing the basics.

LEVEL: ADVANCED - This class is for experinced psychic medums ONLY. To ensure that your level matches the content Casey will cover, Caseys asks that you must have experience in holding sittings for others and feel confident with the basics of safty and protection before you enroll on this course. 

Casey looks forward to meeting you all upon enrollment and taking you through a powerhouse of a nine week course where you will be able to fully understand your gift, skills, business goals and so much more. 

See you soon! 


  • 9 week - Psychic Mediumship

    Zoom course only.

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