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Spiritual Development

What it truly means ...

Each persons spiritual development / awakening is unique and personal to them. You can never force a spiritual journey onto a soul, it needs to organically come from them themselves. so what does spiritual development really mean? lets have a little delve into it ...

Spiritual Development is of course opening yourself up to the elements around you. Whether that be spirit, energy, auras, the cosmos, manifestations, meditations, crystals etc. Its a huge part of yourself that allows you to go deeper, soul deep. For me, personally, its been a way of living, a way of survival and getting through life's obstacles when you feel you can't. Its knowing that you are being looked after and trusting in the process, even when you don't trust yourself. Spiritual awakenings are not just mediations by the full moon. They are a way of seeing life differently. Knowing, experiencing and being open to the other side. Seeing your journey with purpose and allowing your soul to find that. Spiritual development is rebirth. allowing yourself to be reborn into the energy you wish to manifest, an energy that will serve you love, light, healing and growth. its so much more then learning chakras and speaking with those in spirit. its a way of life.

Trust in the process and allow your true inner soulful self to rise to the occasion and feel the connections from all around. we are souls before we are humans. Enjoy the ride!

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